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NextSeq 550 Sequencer

Accelerate your cytogenomics research for constitutional disorders and cancer. Access the sequencing power of the NextSeq 500 system, then confirm structural variants with complementary array technology.
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Seamless transition from array scanning to sequencing

Perform next-generation sequencing (NGS) and cytogenomic microarray scanning all on one research instrument. The NextSeq 550 System combines high-quality array scanning with the proven and robust NextSeq 500 sequencing system. By leveraging array scanning on the NextSeq 550 System, researchers have instant access to a powerful, complementary technology to confirm copy number variants detected through sequencing.

Same high-quality, flexible sequencing power as the NextSeq 500 System

The NextSeq Series provides the flexible power and simplicity you need for transcriptome and targeted resequencing. With tunable output and exceptional data quality, the NextSeq Series offers a combination of high-throughput sequencing, flexibility, and accuracy, all at a cost that makes it just right for your lab.

Supports cytogenomic and karyomapping applications

The NextSeq 550 maximizes the menu of cutting-edge research applications, while minimizing instrument costs. The flexibility of the NextSeq 550 System enables a broad range of cytogenetics applications for reproductive, genetic health, and cancer research. Supported cytogenomic and karyomapping array products include:

Cytogenomic data analysis software

BlueFuse Multi software provides molecular cytogenetic and in vitro fertilization (IVF) data analysis in a single framework. It offers a clear, intuitive user interface; a common workflow; and scales for the needs of your lab. This widely implemented software is used in over 150 clinical research laboratories globally and for more than 80% of the PGS cycles currently being screened.



KeySequencing Applications and Methods

            Gene Expression Profiling: mRNA sequencing (mRNA-Seq) enables researchers to take a closer look at gene expression and can be used to identify isoforms, novel transcripts, and gene fusions. The NextSeq RNA sequencing solution leverages proven Illumina technology to deliver a detailed snapshot of the coding transcriptome. Sequence up to 16 transcriptomes per NextSeq run.

             Exome Sequencing : Exome sequencing analyzes the protein-coding region of the genome, as a cost-effective alternative to whole-genome sequencing. Exome sequencing with the NextSeq Series offers a simple and reliable method to identify coding variants, successfully sequencing even the most difficult genomic regions. Sequence 3–12 exomes per NextSeq run.

             Whole-genome Sequencing: The NextSeq Series leverages proven Illumina sequencing technology, delivering high coverage to identify variants throughout the genome. With push-button sequencing and minimal hands-on time, the NextSeq whole-genome sequencing (WGS) solution enables researchers to analyze any genome efficiently, from microbes to humans. Sequence 1 human genome or up to 384 small genomes per NextSeq run.

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